My Prediction on the Francis Howell Shooting.

29 11 2017

Guest post by Puggg

It happened just a few hours ago.

The shooter is a white man.  As you’ll read, no robbery, nothing taken.  The victim didn’t recognize the shooter.

This area is where suburban development ends and in the direction going west along 94, immediately goes rural when you pass by that high school.  It’s also along the east edge of Busch Wildlife Preserve.

I predict that there’s some woman in the middle of this.  Maybe it’s something like this:  The shooter’s wife is having an affair with the victim, and the victim didn’t know the woman is married, much less what he looks like.




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29 11 2017

Norm, every post made here gets auto-tweeted to my Twitter account, and who knows how much longer I’ll have it before it gets deleted. Anyway, this person responded to me thinking I wrote it.

29 11 2017

She doesn’t get it.

Victim doesn’t know shooter, but shooter had a reason to know victim enough to shoot victim.

My hunch is that victim was seeing some gal, victim thought the gal was single, but the gal turned out to be married, her husband trails the gal, finds out she’s seeing some guy on the side, husband doesn’t know the side guy doesn’t know he’s a side guy, husband trails side guy’s activities, husband discovers side guy jogs down the trail near Francis Howell High most days, husband confronts side guy this afternoon, husband shoots side guy.

This would all be happening at the same time that the side guy has no idea what’s going on.

29 11 2017

Sounds like that predicament I got myself in at about the beginning part of this year.

29 11 2017

I remember that predicament, I’ll always smirk at the words you used to describe yourself.

30 11 2017

I won’t say any more than this.

But I have “heard” that the detectives who have jurisdiction have come to the same thought I have, and now that they’ve got “a person of interest”, they’re going to sniff around the triangle theory.

1 12 2017


I can tell you that they really don’t believe this “totally random” bit they’re handing out to the public, but they just haven’t found any evidence yet of motive that would support my theory or another practical motive.

3 12 2017

The more time goes on, the more any conventional motives, including the one I talk about here, are falling by the way side.

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