Fourth Month of Recovery

30 11 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Another full month of recovery is now in the hard drive.

But for the first time during this process, I can provide the update on my own condition and either progress or regress during a given month, rather than relying on some toy dog to do it.

Just for that fact is an obvious clue that November has resulted in a big improvement in my cognitive function.  Though I should use this opportunity to say again that I’m not doing as well cognitively as it would seem from just reading my writing both here and in AR comments since my return in the middle of this about to expire month, because political writing for me hasn’t often been a cognitively taxing activity.  (I will admit that I couldn’t author a post like this one as of right now.)  However, good chunks of my past academic life and my more recent professional life require every bit of cognitive function I can muster; It is my competitive advantage.  A Bugatti Chiron and a 2019 Corvette ZR1 can both easily do 120 on straight flat open road, analogous to almost all of my political writing.  But my previous academic and recent professional life is more like a non-stop hypercar race at Talladega, and if you show up to that shindig in a mere Corvette ZR1, you’re quickly going to fall behind.

Apropos of the extreme performance automotive analogy, one thing I know hasn’t even really started recovering yet in my cognitive portfolio is my speed of thinking, especially off the cuff.  Yeah, I can write good enough blog posts, but I’m dead meat in a fast moving internet chat room.

If I don’t ever get my pre-accident full cognitive functionality back, I’m kinda screwed.

One more note on the cognitive end:  My problems when it comes to remembering people who I haven’t known or known of for much of a long time continue, (which includes almost all of you in these comment boxes and most everyone on AR), and both to my estimation and that of my doctors, have not improved even as other matters cognitive obviously have.  That kind of thing will probably be very slow to improve, (provided I remain on something of a general upward trajectory, which is not a given), so I need all of you to be patient with me.

My physical condition over the month has been a little bit up and down, but overall not that good.  It trended upward in the first half of the month but downward in the second half.  Still with the once every few days vomiting and vertigo, still with the on again off again thinking causes me physical pain, still with the frequent pains from could be anywhere else, still with the ambulatory instability, at most, I can only stay upright on two feet for one hour.  On top of all that, the entire set of circumstances both cognitively and physically, teams up to make me some sort of tired all the time, even when I’m wide awake, and these days, I usually call it a day by 10, and 11 is a late night for me.  Because I’ve been able to condition my brain to disregard the nightmare flashbacks during my sleep, I almost always sleep through for my full 7.5 to 8 hours and sometimes more.  Yet and still, that doesn’t prevent me from being tired during waking hours.

Long and short, this wheelchair is going to be my best friend for quite some time to come.  At least I’m not wheelchair-bound, I only need it intermittently even if frequently.

In all reality, it won’t be until at least July 19 of next current year, a year after the fact, that we’ll have some sort of line on my stabilized condition will be both cognitively and physically.




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2 12 2017

Don’t worry, toy dog is here for you.

31 12 2017
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