Lucky Dominoes

30 11 2017

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Why didn’t it kill me?

I’m sure some of you have been wanting me to answer that question.

And I’m ready to answer.

It was just several dime thin marginal lucky factors that daisy chained together in the fortuitous direction, fortuitous for my sake:

(1) He wasn’t driving that fast even when he was approaching me and what would become the “accident” scene.  Limit for the street is 25, and he was going noticeably slower even at his fastest pace in approach.  His slowness and his distraction were related; Had he not been fiddling around with his phone, he would have been going faster, but by the same token, he would have seen what was ahead of him and not hit me.

(2) He looked up from his phone just in time to see what was in front of him, and hit the brakes.  While it wasn’t enough to prevent his car from meeting my white body, it did mean that his car’s rate at the time and point of impact was even slower.

(3) One my former blog slogans, I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by fourteen.  Meaning I’m nobody’s definition of svelte.  Especially on that day.  Now, I’ve lost quite a bit of what is ordinarily otherwise considered to be useless weight.  But on that day, it wasn’t useless.  Since he hit (on that day) just short of 250 pounds of me rather than the 170 or so I should be, that extra weight marginally absorbed some of the force of the impact, and sent me down to the ground at a slower rate than otherwise.

(4) The mechanics and direction of the fall from the point of car impacting me to the point of my head impacting pavement meant that the way my head was hit was just about the least bad way to get hit in the head in that way if getting hit is unavoidable.

So, line those four factors in a row, and they combined to make the difference.

Of course, there may well still be a long term cost.  Something tells me that when this all shakes out, I’m going to wind up some measure of cognitively and/or physically less well off than I was on the start of July 19.  Like I wrote earlier today, no real clue on that until a year after the fact.

Eventually, I will explain my mensis horribilis of most of October.

UPDATE 5/8/18

After reading this, there was yet other lucky factor on my behalf:

(5) The driver was driving a compact car, not a large SUV.




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30 11 2017
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[…] Lucky Dominoes — The series of fortunate circumstances that resulted in this not killing me instantly […]

30 11 2017
30 11 2017
Alex the Goon

A kid in my Sunday School was hit by a car doing 40, and launched into the air. He was told it would’ve been much worse if the car was going slower, as he’d have been run over and crushed.

1 12 2017
Sebastian Hawks

Your story should be a good lesson to all these clowns who insist on riding around on their Donorcycles without helmets. Illinois is one of the few states that let people make this foolish choice and you see half the audience of the local classic rock station out and about helmetless on their Harleys on a typical summer weekend afternoon.

1 12 2017

The donorcycle lobby in Missouri wants the state to repeal its helmet law. I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but evidently, I’m going to have to start wearing a helmet outdoors at all time.

1 12 2017
Alex the Goon

Be sure to carry a skateboard with you, so people don’t think you’re Special.

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