Final Score: Blogmeister 1, Current Year Influenza Pandemic 0

15 12 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

And stay out!

Yep, it’s gone now, which means for the first time since Monday before last, I’m wearing something more than boxer briefs and actually seeing what the rest of this house and some of the world that surrounds it looks like.  I damned near forgot in all that time.

Considering how long this lasted, how many days I was in the serious depth of symptoms, my peak temperature, the continuous amount of time I was above a certain temperature, and the severity of my symptoms, this was a really dead serious case, “dead” being apropos, because if this would have hit an infant or toddler, or an elder, or someone with some sort of compromised immune system, it had a good chance of being fatal.

My ego would like me to think that I caught this bug so that some little kid it could have killed didn’t, which means the little kid won’t die now, and will instead grow up, and be the one that cures cancer.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled medical problems.

Also expect a posting storm over the weekend this evening about some interesting news stories and burrs in my saddle that have piled up in my hopper over the last two weeks.




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15 12 2017
15 12 2017
15 12 2017

I’ve seen you only in boxer briefs recently. We all should be glad that you’re now in a mood to wear more than just that.

Speaking of seeing you, now that you’re done with the flu, I’ll stop by some time this evening. I’ll wanna run something by you.

15 12 2017
17 12 2017
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19 12 2017

Glad you are doing better! Yes some illnesses hit my husband before me and it takes him longer to get better. He is the breadwinner so he’s out working even when he doesn’t feel great. He drinks airborne and it usually works.

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