Jeff Sessions As USAG

15 12 2017

Washington, D.C.

I now think that that which made Jeff Sessions a beloved Senator, and liked even among people that disagreed with him, is the very thing which makes him a less than ideal Attorney General.

To be a good Senator, you have to make good relationships within the very tight (100 members only) social circle of your colleagues, and leverage them. That’s something that Sessions became really good at, that someone who is an ideological close analogue of his, Ted Cruz, isn’t. This is why he recused himself on the investigation that was eventually dropped in Robert Mueller’s lap, because it was a Senatorial move in the USAG’s office.

Sessions as AG is turning out to be very similar in the same less-than-ideal and underwhelming sense as the last time a well liked Senator from the right half of the Republican caucus was made USAG, and it’s a name St. Louisans and Missourians will know very well, that being John Ashcroft.

On the flip side of the coin, that which made Ted Cruz a not so good Senator would make him a great USAG. Precisely because he lets it rip, and doesn’t give a shit about who he pisses off.




One response

18 12 2017
Dale Gribble

This may be why Johnson failed as President and Dole failed as a candidate for POTUS

In the Senate the other 99 guys owe you something. When you leave the club you are not one of them anymore and the Senatr can circle the wagons when the Executive tries to force something

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