Missing: One Jar of Secret Sauce

15 12 2017

Fairfax, Virginia

After reading the first three paragraphs, I said this to myself:

“This will be a keeper if Bryan Caplan mentions three concepts:  (1) Competency signaling, (2) Credential creep, and (3) Affirmative action.”

He actually did, under slightly different monikers, mention two of the three.

Guess which one he didn’t mention.  The one that happens to be both the secret sauce and the straw fundamentally stirring this drink.

Also notice that Caplan uses the gender pronoun “she” to refer to a modern day college student in the generic.  That’s apropos, not simpery, simply because of the sex demographics of college students today.  Which, of course, plays into what some of you still don’t want to believe.




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