Repetition Is the Mother of Skill

15 12 2017


The reality show that is the search for the next SLPD chief is almost over.

I’ll write here what I wrote in comment form a few weeks ago, because it’s so cogent that it simply must be widely understood.


The two most overrated public authority positions going are: Police chief, and school board superintendent. As you know, I still technically live in Richmond Heights, and I couldn’t tell you to save my life (errr, bad choice of words) who the Police Chief of Richmond Heights is or who the superintendent of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District is, just off the top of my head, even back in the days when I wasn’t brain damaged.

It is only in big cities with plentiful black people that there’s all this political hoo-haa over police chiefs and school district superintendents, over who gets selected, how they’re selected, and what they do while in power. Probably because there’s so much desperation because the city has enough black undertow that is doubly violent (relating to the police) and stupid (relating to the schools), that there’s this presumption that the chief and superintendent can bring some sort of magic fairy dust to make everything better. When in reality, they have no such powers.

Just like the number of cops and acuity of cops really doesn’t make a difference in violent crime, it really doesn’t matter who the police chief is or isn’t, either. Ditto with schools, one superintendent is the same as the other, and a superintendent has nothing to do with student race demographics.




4 responses

15 12 2017

It’s within an agency that the chief or sheriff makes a lot of difference, the politics and culture within the agency.

15 12 2017

The first thing a new black mayor does is appoint a black police chief and this is a major cause of the inevitable plunge in the quality of life. Their constituents expect a black chief to go lighter on Tyrone and Boo, not magically clean up crime. Going lighter on black criminals is what the black community means by making everything better. Most of these black chiefs are incompetent, to boot.

15 12 2017

Cause and effect issues. By the time a given city has enough black people to have enough black voters to elect a black mayor who will appoint a black police chief, the city is so heavily black that it’s crime-ridden and crummy. By that point, it doesn’t matter if the police chief is white or black, and it doesn’t even matter if the street level cops are 10,000 Eliot Nesses or 1,000 affirmative action hires.

28 12 2017
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