Whatchyoo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Adolph?

27 12 2017

Jefferson City

Missouri Net:

Are Missouri’s charter schools into the business of segregating students?

During a legislative hearing this month, St. Louis NAACP President Adolphus Pruitt said geographic restrictions where Missouri charter schools can exist are the same as the 1916 residential zones created to keep blacks out of white neighborhoods in St. Louis. He went on to say that charter schools allow the state to “keep its foot on the necks of educating black children in urban districts.”

“It’s an issue of what I would call reverse discrimination or it’s an issue of the state going back to its historic past of coming up with hair-brain ideas that have run amuck,” said Pruitt.

It’s called “correlation without causation,” Adolph.

Well, actually, it’s a correlation with a little bit of causation. It’s because the redlines were repealed a very long time ago, but the Bantuastans they created are mostly still almost all black. And the top level politics of the creation of charter schools in Missouri and many other states not that long ago revolved around the supposed educational needs and failures of black students, (even though in some cases, it’s manifesting in the other direction), which means, as of now, state law restricts charter school formation to St. Louis City and Kansas City, and by KC, I think it’s either all of Kansas City proper (the municipality that is incorporated in four different counties, even though the meat of it is in Jackson County), or the part of KCMO that’s in Jackson County.

As you can read, Adolph’s comments came at a hearing over a proposed piece of legislation to lift that restriction and allow for charters statewide, though I highly doubt they’re clamoring for charters in the Parkway or Rockwood districts.

Adolph is also ambiguous about the political angle he’s working. Is he trying to mash up “segregation” with charters because he thinks charters are a bad idea consummately? Or is he trying to claim that the initial restriction on where charters can exist was wrong and that it should have been statewide all along? Since he leads the local NAACP, my bet is the former, that he’s not fond of charters at all, and for a good practical reason: Most NAACP chapters throughout the country, St. Louis’s included, are largely anchored by the local cabal of black cracker jack box theology degree preachers, and they mostly lead congregations that have black women employees of public school systems as a large and significant percentage in the flock. Teachers’ unions and unions of public school employees other than teachers have never been fond of charter schools and the charter movement, because they think that it’s all a pure full frontal assault against the unions and nothing more, and as Educational Realist has proven, they’re right in that assertion.



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