Fifth Month of Recovery

31 12 2017


You would have thought that with the flu incapacitating me for half the month, and with this being the month of Christmas, the rest of me would have taken the opportunity to do some serious recovery.  Alas, no dice.

None of my short term memory has yet come back to me, and as far as the rest of the cognitive and physical functioning, if I’m honest with myself, I took a half step backwards on both accounts this month.  I guess it’s just the nature of these things.

The only real bits of implicit good news from this the fifth month of recovery are:  (1) I didn’t die, and (2) I had no unconsciousness events.  The more time goes on that either doesn’t happen, the lower my already slim chances of dying from this become, and considering my last unconsciousness event preceded and necessitated my mid-September hospitalization stint, and now it’s been three and a half months since then, the less likely I am to experience another.  Remember, getting past the risk of unconsciousness events is one of the two giant hurdles I have to clear before I can start driving a car again, and once I get past, then there’s the matter of waiting for the brain to re-wire so that I have no episodes of my brain losing control of my motor function.  I’ll know when that happens when I no longer need this wheelchair.

All this means for almost all of you reading these words is that I’m still not going to be able to remember you implicitly, unless you’re Bon or Norm or maybe a scant few others.




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31 12 2017
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1 01 2018
Nicholas Stix

Not dying, and having no unconsciousness events are really good things you can build on.

While it is possible, with difficulty, to get past unconsciousness events, it’s really hard to get past dying.

BTW, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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