Fate or Felony

2 01 2018


Remember my rant of a few weeks ago when I was on the uphill climb from my battle with the flu?

Not that I was ever serious about these fanciful felonious notions involving revenge against my assailant and/or his parents running through my mind.  It’s just that a mashup of illness, frustration and brain damage can do that to you.

I can now say that I’m not longer even entertaining such notions even in the hypothetical.

Why not?

Well, sometimes, fate handles things better for you than felonies ever can.

Norm called me within the hour, and he had some news for me.  I will let him inform you all in this space about that news, in the form of one of his world famous guest posts.  But it will be a few days from now, because it’s the kind of thing that he thinks is best to hold off stating in public, and when he told me his reasoning, it sounded solid.

One slight hint of what happened can be found somewhere in this post.  You can use the comment section to guess, but neither Norm nor I will respond that the guess is either correct or incorrect.  You all in the peanut gallery will just have to wait for a few days.

Funny, I was depressed a few hours ago, now I’ve got a Cheshire grin on my face.




5 responses

2 01 2018
Alex the Goon

Educated Guess: Pipes in his mom’s basement froze and burst while he slept, and the subsequent flood then flash-froze him inside a 100-cubic yard ice cube?
Uneducated Guess: He got t-boned by a txting driver.

2 01 2018
Alright Dan

Hillsboro is the Jefferson County seat, so it’s where the county jail and county courthouse is.

I bet somebody got arrested.

2 01 2018
David In TN

If the Blogmeister is happy, I’m happy.

5 01 2018
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5 01 2018
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