Clearing Out My Hopper

10 01 2018

Various news items about which I only have short quip reactions.

* Losing Boatmen’s, Mercantile, A-B, Purina, Mac-D and maybe soon Monsanto were giant blows to our civic pride.

But if we lose Maull’s?  Well then, that will be just too much to bear.

Just so you know, from the YT video embedded in that story, yes, an 11-year old Britney Spears was in a Maull’s commercial.  Even though she isn’t from anywhere around here, and has no vestigial links to St. Louis.  When she hit the stardom stratosphere around 1999, the local newscasts made sure we all knew it.

* As you know, a case of the flu cost me most of the first half of last month.

It’s how we know this season’s flu is a muvva — If it kills someone like him.

* Charles Murray, call your office.  Because cognitive stratification is not only a thing, it also has not-so-good real (estate) world consequences.

* Well done, Chatsworth.

But you’re really late to the party.  We in the Alt-Right figured this out long before we were called the Alt-Right.  It’s why those of us that passed through libertarianism on the way to truly swallowing the red pill left it behind.

* Wi-Fi connected kitchen and bathroom light fixtures?

C’mon guys, this is getting to be too much.  When they said “internet of things,” they didn’t mean every “thing.”

* Who takes showers in the private home of their sports agent?


Late breaking:  This happened here in St. Louis.

* Unfit for the U.S. Army?

As long as their thumbs are fit, they can wage war, because that’s done these days via PlayStation controller.  Also remember they must have the proper attitude about transphobia.





4 responses

10 01 2018
Alex the Goon

they didn’t mean every “thing.”
I bet they did mean it, and maybe more – like every thing having multiple things.

10 01 2018

Mauls. I remember my Dad, no great cook he, mauled everything when I was a kid in the 1970’s.

10 01 2018

I mean’t Maulls.

11 01 2018
Hard Right


South Florida Lawmakers Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon Admit Affair, Apologize

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