Face Palm, Big Time

11 01 2018


Even though it’s in Milwaukee, and Wisconsin has its own Synod of the Lutheran Church, Our Redeemer in Wauwatosa is LCMS.

Blogmeister holds this real big super giant L.

Okay, let me compose myself and try to make it through this silliness.

(1) Trameka Brown-Berry is a rather odd name for a Lutheran, much less LCMS.  Though since both church and school are in Milwaukee County, it’s probably in an area that hasn’t been Germanic for a long time, so the school has no choice but to appeal to blacks.  Also remember that Wisconsin has a relatively long standing school voucher scheme, which may play into this somehow.

(2) Is it really so wrong to teach fourth graders what first year law students have to learn how to do, that is, argue the case of your opponent?

(3) “And for it to be a Christian school, they could say something like, ‘what are three good things we can do to prevent slavery from happening?'” — Of course, if you actually read the Bible, you’ll find no specific explicit prohibition against slavery.




One response

11 01 2018
Alex the Goon

Three good reasons:
1) It brought millions of Africans to America.
2) Who then multiplied to number over 40 million in Current Year.
3) Oh shit. What a huge fucking mistake that was.

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