Too Soon

11 01 2018


But we have to see it anyway.

…And three of their friends.

Baltimore and St. Louis are very similar these days in how much they’re becoming dystopian Hobbesian ‘holes as a result of the Obama-BLM high-low agitation during what Steve Sailer calls the “Late Obama Age Collapse.”

All because of some career heroin dealer who may have been given a “rough ride” by the cops.  Hey, but remember, opioid crisis, right?





2 responses

11 01 2018
David In TN

I recall the late Lawrence Auster used the term “devolving” in reference to a certain demographic, especially the criminal class of such.

11 01 2018
David In TN

Your biggest fan has noted that black reporters are often used on this kind of TV news story.

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