13 01 2018

Los Angeles

Now, Keith Jackson will be reincarnated as “a six-six soph-a-more from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Whoa, Nelly!”




One response

13 01 2018
David In TN

Keith Jackson did the ABC Monday Night Football for its first year, 1970. He went back to college football to stay when Frank Gifford’s was able to come to MNF in 1971.

Jackson wasn’t as good on the pro game. During the St. Louis Cardinals blowout 38-0 win over the Cowboys that year, Jackson kept calling them the “St. Looey Cardinals.”

I know 1970 is several years before the Blogmeister was around, but I never heard the term “St. Looey” Cardinals in the several decades I listened to the KMOX sports talk shows or Cardinal (baseball and football) broadcasts.

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