What in the Name of Africa

13 01 2018

Richmond Heights

So it goes like this:

A gang of ooks, not realizing that Kwanzaa is over, do a little Ujamaa at the Nordstrom at the Galleria.  As they make their way to their getaway car, another gang of ooks pulls up on them and starts spraying.

In more specific journalistic terms:

Police said a preliminary investigation revealed that Nordstrom Loss Prevention had been watching three males they suspected of shoplifting.

The shoplifting suspects left the store and were walking to their vehicle when a silver vehicle, occupied by one male, pulled up and shot twice at the shoplifting suspects.

The butterfingered dindus were merely “walking” to their car?  Why didn’t the great “loss prevention” people, you know, like, RUN after them?  Instead of just watching them calmly and slowly walk away?

Answer:  Because these retailers’ insurance carriers have cracked the whip to the point where the retailers only allow their security guards to observe and take down details in order to hand over to the cops.  Someone who works for the store gets a little rough with people of the race demographic that loves playing the ghetto lottery, and we all know what happens next.





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15 01 2018

“Let them touch dose dings!”
~Celine Dion


15 01 2018
21 01 2018

F*ck these C*cks.

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