Up the Second Step

16 01 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Of course, I had my regular rehab appointment today, wherein I had some good news for the docs.

They gave me the usual warning, that this improvement and my previous improvements could turn around and go in the wrong direction on a dime, and that my two major climbs up the staircase do not guarantee that I’ll be able to climb up the other stairs.

That’s one slight unfortunate side effect of the restoration of my short term memory — That now, I understand more than ever how far behind I am on cognitive function, because I now remember fully what I was like before July 19.  Many of you seem to think I’m back to normal on that front, just from what I write here.  To that, I remind you all:  Looks are deceiving.

I already knew my physical limitations, because I have had many constant reminders thereof, just in case I forgot.

Other than that, they were able to give me some tests to confirm medically that most of my short term memory is back online, and also confirm that I still have a lot of cognitive recovery to do.

Guess who else recently got cognitive testing done, his score is way higher than mine.




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16 01 2018
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17 01 2018

Any idea what happened to RJP? Are you still here and commenting under a different screen name?

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