War Reenactors

16 01 2018

Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Charlottesville, Virginia

Hoft on a potential serious game changer in the Fields trial.

Note that:

A few months before the clash in Charlottesville, an Arizona chapter of the organization, which was previously known as the “John Brown Gun Club,” released an unintentionally comical video showcasing their “training day.” In the footage, the oddballs are seen shooting at printouts of memes, including Pepe the Frog.

In an interview with ABC News, Dixon described the hours after Charlottesville as feeling like “leaving a battlefield.”

“They’re not just speaking – they’re marching. They’re marching in a way that’s intimidating, as we all know is harking back to the torch light rallies of the Nazi era.”

“John Brown?”  “Nazi era?”

That should sound familiar.

Me, November 14, 2017:

What are the three biggest body blows on behalf of egalitarianism in American history? (Hard core neoreactionaries will say that the very beginning of American history was its own biggest body blow for egalitarianism, but for now, let’s leave that be.)

The Union military victory in the War Between the States, the American participation in the victorious Allied military effort in World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The third, of course, depended on and was an inevitable consequence of the first two. We beat those big bad evil forces of the Confederacy, Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South, got those motherfuckers told.

And now, current year, current decade, current epoch, that all these egalitarian-left victories have not resulted in the promised utopia, in the way that the utopians thought should be happening right now? Whence the cheating husband and failed shoe salesman life?

Right, the wedding photo album, the four touchdown game.

The hard left and far left are mentally locked in on their past glory to cover up present disappointment. They’re trying to reenact the WBTS, WWII and the CRM all over again all at the same time.

Let me fill in the blanks: They’re trying to reenact the War Between the States (tearing down Confederate/-ish statues and monuments), World War II (Antifa violence and militancy), and the Civil Rights Movement (marching in the streets and the general enthusiasm for street activism), all over again, all at the same time. They’re reenacting their past massive wins, because the good ole days and ole times sake, and because their massive wins of the past have not resulted in utopia in the present.

We dwell on past glory to paper over present agony.


This one mashes up the WBTS (“John Brown Gun Club”) and WWII (“Nazi era rallies”) in one fell swoop.




3 responses

16 01 2018

I honestly don’t think that Fields was trying to kill anyone. I know it’s stupid of me to speculate on someone else’s intentions. That said, if Field’s lawyer doesn’t use this as exhibit number one, he is incompetent.
Tangential to this story, has anyone actually seen the cause of death for Heather Heyer? Was it traumatic? I was a trauma nurse for over ten years…the pictures I have seen of Heather don’t quite resemble the numerous dead bodies of pedestrians struck by a vehicle that I have seen.

16 01 2018

I keep hearing contradictory things, “officially trauma” on one side and “officially heart attack” on the other.

21 01 2018

Hmm, the War of Northern Aggression fought in part for the nigger. The First and Second World Wars supposedly fought against militarism/fascism. All of it horse-shite. White men fighting other white men for niggers’ and jews’ benefit. Vomit inducing all of it.

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