Internet Life Before the Corporate Cubbyholes

17 01 2018

Los Angeles; Miami

On this the 20th anniversary of Drudge becoming a household name, one of the more disheartening developments in these last two decades is one that Drudge himself noted as a guest on the Alex Jones show a few years ago, that the internet is becoming corporatized. The “Web 1.0” early internet was largely about Generation X grading its own lanes and DIY.  (To wit:  Matt Drudge, b. 1966).  Now, here in the “Web 2.0” era of social media, Millennial-predominated, everyone seems to want to settle into pre-manufactured corporate cubbyholes.

Drudge Report is a decidedly Web 1.0 node in a Web 2.0 world, and that’s a good thing.





2 responses

17 01 2018
Alex the Goon

Web 1.0 wouldn’t auto-refresh itself every 60 seconds, forcing you to disable javascript. Web 1.0 was better than that, man.

21 01 2018

‘Corporatized/monetized/commercialized/financialized’ are all terms synonymous with Judaized.

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