21 Words

18 01 2018


21 words to make the case for #NRx better than the millions written by Moldbug and Land ever have.

Yes, this is Occidental Dissent’s Jack Ryan.

He wins the internet.




3 responses

19 01 2018
Sebastian Hawks

True, I look around at all these towns in my area and am surprised to see they all have these female mayors. It was funny watching this ninny female mayor of Urbana on TV the other day bungling away with absolutely no real ideas for dealing with a dead shopping mall in their pathetic downtown. The fact that something like this rises up to a position of leadership shows what a crime it was to end aristocracy. This sob sister is really all we can get for leadership? Democracy sucks.

19 01 2018

Nah, limited democracy is still the best system, it’s basic reason for being is still valid: if you spread political decisions among a lot of people common sense is more likely to prevail. Look at the comment sections of conservative rags, the commenters are almost always to the right of the columnists. The West’s failing isn’t a failing by democracy, it’s a failing OF democracy, starting with the fact that no country in the Western world has a democratic press. The history of the last half-century is a history of the elite neutering democracy and gathering power and wealth in their hands, often using the tool of race as an excuse. The less democratic the country became the worse it became for us.
(The same goes in Europe, the EU is anti-democratic by elite design.)

Of course this only applies to a homogeneous nation, or one with an overwhelmingly dominant culture, it doesn’t apply to multiracial empires. Look at it this way, if the Democrats hadn’t imported (with Republican quisling help) tens of millions of foreign ringers to vote for them they’d be dead in the water. The methods they used to import these invaders weren’t democratic, quite the opposite, the majority are against open borders.

What’s needed is a homogeneous democracy with explicit Bill of Rights style racial and cultural safeguards. Nothing lasts forever and the goal is to try to put in enough safeguards to last for, say, 200 years. After that it will be up to the future people to try and do the same.

Beside, anti-democracy is a lousy talking point.

21 01 2018

I am more for a ‘Father-land’ concept and strict patriarchal society: women do not get the suffrage, only male property-owners can vote, strict male inheritance laws, primogeniture, and women being wives/mothers (barefoot/pregnant you know). All of this wrapped in a strict exclusive Caucasian-American National Socialism for America.

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