Stuff It, @Jack

20 01 2018

San Francisco

The world’s worst DuBourg alum is continuing to peddle a BS narrative.

In my e-mail inbox earlier today:




6 responses

20 01 2018
John Vawter

The deep state wants you to know that it’s all a Russian conspiracy, comrade!

20 01 2018

It gets better. Look at what they consider “Russian interference” tweets:

20 01 2018
Alex the Goon

Wow. The way the email began, I’m surprised they didn’t delete you for “guilt by association, with up to four degrees of separation”. Perhaps next week.

21 01 2018

The Christ-killers have targeted your blog for termination. Or, you could call them (((The Borg))).

21 01 2018

BTW, your posts are much better P.A. (Post Accident) than AA (Ante-Accident). To sound crass, maybe a brush with death provides an uncommon clarity of mind/reality, and leads you to have an attitude of living that conveys that sometimes you just have to say: WTF/IDGAF. Or, not.

21 01 2018

I have a paradox in front of me, which means I’m now happier than a pig in slop, because I have something to figure out.

I know, both intuitively and from medical testing, that my cognitive function is reduced, and I can read my own AA writing and compare it to my PA writing to see that PA is not as sharp. But, you, along with others, seem to think either I haven’t lost anything, or have gotten better.

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