Our So-Called Mentors

21 01 2018


Now that I’m able to pick up the pieces of my life, I’m as much as I can catching up on some of the sundry items of the last six months, including my Tommy Sotomayor fandom.

Earlier this month, he did this video about mentors, and of course I agree with almost all of the op/ed content. Aside from that, I think the concept of mentoring in terms of common rhetorical parlance is being watered down and dumbed down, harmfully so. What he has in this video, a bunch of men showing up to one middle school for one day and talking to some middle school boys in the collective, is NOT true mentoring. I’m so old that I remember when the proper appellation for a bunch of men coming into a school and talking to the students about what they do for a living was called “career day,” not “mentoring.” Most of the short term activities that are laughably passed off “mentoring” these days, aren’t really. I’ve been mentored, and I am a mentor, or I was before the accident, so I’ve genuinely been on both sides of the ledger. True mentoring, I think, requires: (1) A steadfast and long term and personal one-to-one relationship, a mentor only having one protege and a protege having only one mentor, (2) Based off of the fact that the mentor and protege share some sort of common interest or otherwise sync up well in terms of personality or temperament or outlook or something, (3) The protege is socially understood to be at least a young man, not some middle school boy, because I don’t think middle school boys are of proper mental maturity to take on the proper role of protege to a real mentor, and can’t really understand the purpose of mentorship, and (4) As long as it’s understood that mentor is mentor and father is father, one is not a suitable substitute for the other, and ne’er the twain shall meet. Of course I think that if the protege is a minor, that fathers and mentors should literally meet so that father can size up and sound out mentor to preclude any funny business.

In this video, he makes passing and implicit reference to Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky made the deliberate and specific calculation to prey on the 8-9-10-11 year old sons of single mothers, according to the Grand Jury report.

UPDATE, APRIL 27: Since I first wrote this post, YouTube has deleted the account the video was on. Luckily, I had already downloaded the video and re-uploaded it onto my own BitChute account. However, WordPress cannot yet directly embed BitChute videos, so you’ll just have to follow the link to it herein.




11 responses

21 01 2018
Alex the Goon

I assume they have background checks for this now. If you’re a known pedo, you’re out.
If you’re an unknown pedo, you’re in.
If you’re not a pedo, you’re probably offended at being probed and checked, all for the “privelege” of wasting your time on the kid of some low-quality woman you’re not banging. So, you never apply.

22 01 2018

What I despise most about these sorts of things is the attention seeking…the “look at how great a guy I am for spending this one hour with these boys” act.
Most liberal causes suffer from this because they lack legitimacy.

22 01 2018

And speaking of liberal causes, what’s your take on this women’s march nonsense? I can’t figure out 1). Their complaint, and 2). Their goal.
My wife, who spent 27 years in the US Army and is hardly a sjw, got all upset with me for criticizing these women. I guess she feels she had to deal with unpleasantries as one of the few females in her field. She is not able (or willing) to concede that most gender differences we see in work place settings are only expressions of real, physiological dIfferences between the sexes. When I say that the NFL is all male (even though they would LOVE to parade out a female player) because of real differences and not because men are trying to keep women down, she thinks I believe in the superiority of men (and I do, in some things, like football). Likewise, when I say if it weren’t for men, sea-worthy ships would never have been made nor sailed to the New World, she is unable (or unwilling) to see the truth in this.
If someone like my wife is resistant to what seems so basically obvious, it causes me to start believing we will never turn this country around without what Anglin calls “white sharia”. I really don’t want to believe he’s right, but…

22 01 2018

My hot take on the “marches” Saturday in three words: Same ole malcontents.

22 01 2018
Nicholas Stix

During the late 1980s and 1990s, blacks talked excitedly about “role models,” which were dad and hero substitutes. Black politician types, including some teenagers, would say, “I want to be a role model.”

A black security guard I knew in 1996 would say, “We don’t have enough positive role models.” I thought he had the causality backwards. Blacks disrespected positive role models as “Uncle Toms,” and respected, nay idolized drug dealers. Even the preachers idolized racist thugs. Still do.

(Black preachers have more in common with Moslem imams than with Christian ministers.)

To make a long story short, the same irresponsibility and desire for glory without work that has over 70% percent of black kids grow up fatherless, has blacks look for phony father substitutes, or to seek to play them. And if you bring any of this up, you’re a “racist.”

22 01 2018

I have watched two black tv shows this last week to gauge their thinking…Black Lightning and Chi.
From what I can assess, they really hate police and really respect criminals…or at least tolerate them. Knowing that police are just a substitute for white men, I don’t know how we have survived as a single intact nation for as long as we have.

22 01 2018

Because if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous, but thankfully, they’re not that dangerous. All they can really do in an existential collective sense is a phrase coined by the very man who hosts this video: Throw snack packs against the wall.

13 02 2018
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