That Boiling Frog Again

21 01 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

As most of you know, my mother is in assisted living, and has been for just about two years now.

I went and visited her today, or, to put it more accurately, was taken to visit her today.  I saw her quite a few times between returning to consciousness some 36 hours after the accident and now.  But, today is the first time I saw her since both my return to functional coherence and the restoration of my memory.

Let’s say there are these twin siblings, one of them stays around the house, the other leaves to do something for a year, and then comes back.  And this year corresponds with a time when their parents are slowly degrading in condition.  The twin that stays will see the parents every day and not be able to notice their slowly degrading condition.  In contrast, the twin that goes away and them comes back a year later will remember the way the parents are upon leaving and then be able to compare that to what they are coming back a year later, and then tell the other twin about how worse off the parents are over a year ago, the other twin had no idea.

That’s where I figured out today I’m at with my mother.

She is noticeably less well off now than she was the last time I saw her before the accident, which was definitely some time in mid-July.  It’s just that my involuntary sojourn was de facto being physically away, in a Blogmeister Van Winkle sense, whereas if the accident did not happen, I would have visited her and seen her both more often and with all my mental faculties in tow, and wouldn’t have been able to notice the downhill slope she’s on.  My uncle, who is analogous to the twin that stays home, really didn’t notice what I have.

Dementia, in case you’re wondering, and I know that at her age (79 in several weeks), it doesn’t suddenly turn around and start getting better.

The way of all flesh.

If I’m now in the picking up the pieces phase of my recovery, then one of the pieces I’m picking up here is one that makes me realize that I’m going to have to prepare mentally for the inevitable.




3 responses

21 01 2018

Sorry to hear about your mom. My mother is going through the same thing. I am the twin who lives across the country, visits infrequently, and notices the regression.

21 01 2018

Just so you know, any resemblance between my hypotheticalizing and your reality, is purely coincidental.

21 01 2018
David In TN

I’ve gone through it. I was the one who lived nearby and saw her every day, and yes, I didn’t notice until a friend of hers came to visit. And told me: “She has really gone down since I last saw her.”

When the time comes, you do prepare yourself for the inevitable.

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