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12 02 2018


Yes, a certain someone we all know is most likely on the case.  Which is why I haven’t called him to ask him what I don’t know about this because the news articles won’t stipulate, because he’s probably burning a two ended candle at three ends for one, and because it’s an active criminal investigation, he probably wants to keep really tight lips, as well anyone in such a position should.

We know mother shot 11-year old son, then herself.  Mom died instantly, son survived at first but succumbed early this morning.  We know mother had a fiancee, and another son.

What I would need to know before I start carving this theory in stone is if the fiancee is the father of the murdered son and the other son.

If he’s not the father of the murdered son, then I imagine it was something like this:

(1) The fiancee put either open or subtle pressure on the mother to rub him out


(2) The mother took it upon herself to murder him in order to guarantee that the fiancee wouldn’t walk out of the proposed marriage on account of some other man’s son being part of the package

Remember, just as new male lion pride leaders murder the young cubs sired by the previous pride leader, in order to get them “out of the way” so that the females will mate with him, because he wants to promulgate his DNA and not wait around for the females to raise some other male’s DNA containers, the same thing presents in human beings when it’s man, woman and woman’s children from another man.  The younger ones are murdered, (stepfamily infanticide rates are 60 times higher than nuclear), the older ones, well, if it’s a young man, the new man will pressure the mother into throwing him out of the house (male lions that take over a pride will eject adolescent males), or do it himself, in order to eliminate a household (or pride) leadership rival, whereas if it’s a young woman, her mother will throw her out herself, so that there is no sexual rival for the affections of her about to be husband or live-in boyfriend (but that behavior does not present itself in lions, because adolescent females become just another pride member).

I think a certain someone we all know has already thought of this for official purposes.  That is, provided the fiancee and the 11-year old victim are not biological father-son.




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12 02 2018
Alex the Goon

They’re weighing mental illness as a factor. No way would the bio-dad be “engaged” to her after 12 yrs; he would just be “there”, or not.

12 02 2018

Mother and son have different last names. That’s another perhaps hint.

I am of the opinion that there is too much of a knee jerk official propensity to pawn the violent evil that women do to the very last people they never should as “mental illness.”

12 02 2018

The mother was 49 years old. That’s not much of a womb to monopolize.

12 02 2018

Maybe not, but he would have been in the same house as her 11-year old son from (I’m just guessing) another man, and he would have eventually turned 12, then 13, then 14, then 15…

The only thing that’s going to get me to let go of my theory that these are sometimes the tragic politics of mixing mother, her kids and her new man under same roof is if I find out that the 11 year old was actually his biological son.

12 02 2018

Great article, asking all the right questions. This is why we love you, Blogmeister. Youre a red-pill-a-minute.

Yes it looks like the 11 yo was not by the fiancee (that would be rare anyway, but its 99% not the case).

What I think is amusing is how utterly boring blue-pill media is
Look at the order:
1) Lets talk to the SCHOOL! (snooze)
2) “shocked something like this would happen on their quiet street”. (snooze) “because comfortable suburban home = happiness, goy”.

3) Sgt. ” history of drugs and alcohol that would have been a red flag.”. (snooze) The Manson Family theory of crime. Only drugs makes you do bad stuff.

4) Sgt.: “maybe we can “educate” people from this”. What sort of education would that be? Youve thrown out all the deucation from HBD and Judeo-Christian cum Natural Law thought.


12 02 2018

Honestly I would not expect law enforcement as a generality to delve into the kind of deep psych that I have. I mean, even if this blog’s best friend either thought of my theory independently, or reads this pretty soon, or already has read this, and goes to bat for it, and even if everyone on the case in the JCSD buys it, Marshak isn’t going to do a presser where he prats on and on about lions and prides and DNA. They’ll officially chalk it up to “one of those things.”

12 02 2018

Secret squirrel source (yet another well placed friend of this blog, albeit one who lives north of the Meramec) dug for a few acorns and found one that proves that fiancee is not the 11-yo vic’s bio-dad.

Which means it’s balls to the wall on my theory.

13 02 2018

The same secret squirrel source I just mentioned above, in his digging for acorns, can find no real mental case history for her, at least none that is visible in the public sphere.

But, that won’t prevent officialdom from parrot squaking about ZOMG MENTAL ILLNESS LOL~!!!!!1 in regards to this case. If this matter was how these things usually wind up, the fiancee murders the 11-yo boy, there’d be nobody making the mental illness excuse. Like I wrote above, we give too much latitude in this stead to women.

13 02 2018

Yes, the fiancee is not the biological father of the boy that was a murder victim.

I will not say anything more.

13 02 2018
Alex the Goon

It should go without saying that she was mentally ill. What sane person would sacrifice their offspring for 7 years of companionship? She only had to wait 7 years til the kid was 18 and out of the house. I doubt her prospects would have dropped very far (from “uhh” to “ugh”), between 49 and 56.
She failed Life; give her the rope.

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