For a Medallion of Gold

13 02 2018

Peyongchang, South Korea;  Washington, D.C.;  San Francisco

Chloe Kim?  Nice story.

But I’m not willing to trade my white majority for a few shiny trinkets.

Ye shall not crucify our demographics for a medallion of gold.




3 responses

13 02 2018
Alex the Goon

What about the wardrobe-malfunctioned ice skater, who emigrated to USA, and then took her talents back to South Korea? (with a White Russian partner. I guess Koreans don’t eat enough soy to excel at ice sgayting)

14 02 2018

Who knew that Chinks could snowboard?

14 02 2018
Dale Gribble

some of them are pretty good at treeing coons

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