The New White People

13 02 2018



African-American aldermen on Monday lashed out at fired Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy for suggesting that middle-class blacks have fled Chicago, leaving “trigger-pullers” behind on the South and West Sides.

This means that middle class black people are the new white people.  Which means if you’re middle class and black and reading this, then you better get ready for years upon years of paradoxically being blamed for:  (1) Leaving, thereby causing your own undertow to be worse than what it would otherwise be if you were still there, and (2) Returning, should you ever be in a gentrifying sort of mood, and you’ll be blamed for sucking the affordability out of the ghetto.

Or, to put a new spin on our sector’s old snark, the problems of the black undertow are caused by:  (1) The absence of middle class blacks, and (2) The presence of middle class blacks.

I also wonder how AFFH can play into this.




One response

14 02 2018

Middle class blacks leaving the hood. I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here. Look over the Park Manor neighborhood like I did. Nice (formerly white) neighborhood where the crime stats are through the roof. Only an idiot would stick around there. Like maybe the bottom 50%.

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