The World’s Lamest Excuse Has Just Been Given New Life

13 02 2018


I’ll start this thing a little down the line:

His opinion piece appears based on unsubstantiated claims, such as, “More than half of all Americans who apply for jobs get them not only because of their qualifications but also because of who they know and their networks. Whites must go out of their way not just for nondiscriminating hiring practices, but to be those persons in companies and part of that network that give blacks in practice equal access to jobs.”

I can somewhat substantiate that.  Remember what I was doing on the evening I was so rudely interrupted:  I was at a networking supper trying to lure a couple of guys I knew would be there to quit their current gigs to come work for me at my startup.  I’ve also gotten work in the networking method.

The hiring for a lot of interesting work is done off-label and outside the view of the traditional visible above board HR and personnel method, and in the realm of networking.  The reason that kind of thing has evolved is because some people and institutions are looking to hire people to do important work, and they’re trying to avoid the legal minefield that is the traditional process.

Then there’s another problem with his demand.  Remember my missive of more than a year ago about the reason why it’s all but absolutely impossible for a race war to pop off.  A major part of my reasoning is socioeconomic status (SES) sorting.  White people with all their shiny snazzy dazzy business and professional networks go out and find black people to insert into them.  Guess what kind of black people they’re going to be — Right, the kind that are already like the in-network people in many ways.  Which means they were already the kind of black people that would have easily gotten jobs in the traditional process anyway, because of affirmative action.  What College President here thinks can happen is that the kind of N’Deshawntavious and L’Booshondria that has a hard time getting work the traditional way will be able to if they can network.  But no decent network is going to let N’Deshwantavious or L’Booshondria in.

And this: “The most segregated morning in America is Sunday morning, when whites and blacks are more apart in their church communities than at any other time of the week.”

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod::African Methodist Episcopal church::Water:Oil

Reread the true American history, including all the black heroes who built our country and suffered terribly …


Make compensation or reparation in practical ways by providing young black people strong mentors in school…

In the context of his demand, what he wants is for white people to rescue black women from their own bad decisions of having let rotten dindus run up in them raw.  Otherwise, this plays back into my contention that the concept of the common parlance of “mentoring” is being dangerously watered down.

Every white person needs to visit a prison or a jail to know firsthand the black persons who undeservedly and disproportionately are there, and the conditions they live in …

They’ll come in being a social justice advocate and come out being Richard Pryor.

Now, here’s where it gets good:

He also says, “all whites must ask themselves, how many black friends do I have? How many times have I been in their homes, enjoyed and relaxed with their families and lives, included them in my life? Friendship is the most essential fulcrum for prying loose white privilege.”

Aren’t we told that we can’t anymore use this “some of my best friends are black” line as an excuse?

I guess now we can again.




5 responses

13 02 2018
Alex the Goon

“all whites must ask themselves, How many times have I been around blacks, and relaxed?”
The only correct answer is “None”. Also, the idiot insinuates that blacks would enjoy having a White in their home, anymore than we would want a black in ours. Unless they were going back to their roots, and “having the Whites for dinner tonight.”

13 02 2018

I love these Isteve style posts, as I can’t bear to read these horrible stories without the snark. Thanks!

14 02 2018

I don’t allow niggers into my home, and I do not want to visit a nigger’s home.

14 02 2018

Let’s say for example, that you associate with an intelligent, well-adjusted black. From a large family. Odds are, at least one of those family members is a mentally retarded, violent felon. You are deliberately and significantly raising the level of risk of your being murdered. Why would you do that? Let’s look at a poll

19 02 2018
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