What Have I Done

13 02 2018

Round Two.

Jared Taylor back on Tommy Sotomayor, Thursday at around 6 PM.  This time, it will be a call in show.

I know how this ends, with Tommy changing the way he says the color to “huWhite,” and JT singing the “Hair Hatted Hooligans” song sans cuss words.




4 responses

14 02 2018
The Gentle Grizzly

I’m not quite sure how to get Tony’s broadcasts, and would like to tune in. I have a computer hooked up to a big TV set, and want to give that a try. Can anyone lend the resident grizzly a hand?


14 02 2018

YouTube channels. Tomorrow a few hours before, I’ll have a post linking directly to the video, which, after the live stream, will automatically convert to a regular video. But while the show is live, it will be an actual live streaming video.

14 02 2018
The Gentle Grizzly

Thanks, Count. I just wasn’t sure because he’s on YouTube then isn’t and is over on his own site.

14 02 2018

He’s got many channels because he’s got the same problem that Colin Flaherty has and Jared Taylor has and many others have. The good ole Goolag.

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