Claire’s Sniffing Around

14 02 2018

Washington, D.C.;  Jefferson City;  Kirkwood

Claire calls out the pharma lobby for the opiate crisis.

She is getting this close to calling out the Sassoon family.  May we expect her next report to be such where those who keyboard in the words will have to use Shift+9 and Shift+0 on occasion?

While we in the Alt-Right are certainly not hesitant to do that, and especially not hesitant because of the parenthetical angle, we know that we can’t pawn all the blame off on the pharmas and their lobbying arms. We also realize that societal systemic and structural hatred towards working class whites is a yuge driver.



2 responses

14 02 2018
Stan d Mute

The whole thing is BS. Punished are legitimate pain sufferers who can no longer find any doctors to help and many are just offing themselves as a result. Meanwhile, Mexican heroin and Chinese fentanyl, carfentanil, and “research chemicals” flood across the border unimpeded. Sinaloa Cartel making millions of course.

Google “fentanyl bust” plus “(state name)” and you’ll see the usual suspects caught with enough fentanyl to kill tens of millions of people.

Opiates are NOT new. They ARE a miracle drug for those whose health would otherwise have them bedridden or suicidal. So this hits us twofold. The addicts drop like flies from the dope and the poor innocents can either suffer unimaginable pain until they die or take a quicker route to the exit.

21 02 2018
Dr Duke

I agree.
The overwhelming majority of the deaths from this “crisis” are people who are getting their opiates illegally. So the fed gov’s answer is to crack down on people getting them legally.

If the FDA banned all Rx painkillers tomorrow all that would happen is the black market would explode and the number of deaths would skyrocket.

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