Kevin’s Underground Rave

14 02 2018

Los Angeles;  San Francisco

Why is Kevin de Leon trying to challenge Dianne Feinstein openly on issues where they are already the same? Environmentalism, immigration, health care, minimum wage — On those issues, Feinstein = de Leon, they would have identical voting records. These kinds of challenges to long entrenched established political incumbents require differentiation. And, at least publicly, de Leon isn’t really differentiating himself from Feinstein.


He is actually doing that below the radar. My spidey sense informs me that de Leon actually does differ from Feinstein on Israel and Military-Industrial Complex. But he is also astute enough to know that he can’t run around in public stating that. So what he has probably concluded, if my guess is right, is to run on-label as a more Feinstein-y version of Feinstein on the “kitchen table” issues for the left, and then do anti-Israel and anti-MIC underground.

If he winds up toppling her, then it will be just a matter of the tikkun olam revolution eating its own.




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26 02 2018
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