Chicago Values

16 02 2018


No honor among thieves, n’est pas?

Jail officials said they were going to forward video of the “despicable” action by up to five inmates to prosecutors so it could be considered in any potential sentencing.

“Prosecutors,” as in State’s Attorney Kim Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  She’ll probably use this to ask the judges for even more lenient punishments.  Also remember we’re talking about a jail run by Dodge Dart who in turn works for Toni Prickwinkle, so all three of them were probably cheering right along with the jailbirds.




One response

18 02 2018

This press release has to be one of the dumbest things out of Chicago this month, maybe 2018 to date.

Translated, it’s saying “we want someone else to beat our inmates because the media got the story”, and that’s how it’s going to look in court when the lawsuits get filed in a very friendly pro-plantiff, anti-law enforcement jurisdiction. Since its Chicago, where they have no issues with inmates raping other inmates and then giving the rapists pizza, I find it hard to believe anyone will want to do their dirty work for them. The courts have found a limited due process interest in transfers of convicts, and these are, I believe, pre-trial detainees in a jurisdiction that gives everyone bail.

Also, everyone of those inmates that might be transferred just got even more street cred, which is worth quite a bit in Cook County and IDOC. Or worse from the POV of law and order, an opening to extract a deal from the SA, who reportedly has political differences with Dart.

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