We Wuz Kangz, Writ 134 Minutes

16 02 2018

I’m just waiting, and not gleefully so, for the first news story to cross mine eyes about a black either murdering or violently assaulting a white person, because MUH WAKANDA.

It happened after Roots, and Mississippi Burning, and A Time to Kill, and Twelve Years a Slave.  One of our common complaints is that hate crimes enhancements almost always seem to be a single-edged sword that is swung in one direction.  Oddly enough, though, the 1993 Supreme Court decision which green lighted they very concept of bias enhancements, Wisconsin v Mitchell, originated in a black that got all up in his feelings and felt some kind of way after watching Mississippi Burning, and took out his frustration by turning a white teen inside out.  At the time he did it, Wisconsin had a hate crimes provision, and Mr. Mitchell’s lawyers, well, literally, took it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Now that I’ve established this, I’m waiting on any trolls or incredulous interlocutors to retort with what I think they will, because I’ve already got the response rearin’da’go.

This thing for awhile had a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  When you can’t get 100% of people to agree that the color of a lemon is yellow.  Yeah, real, fishy.




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16 02 2018

Even my politics hating, superhero loving brother brought this up unprovoked by me. He said the 100% reviews are suspect, it appears the MSM has pushed this too far if even he noticed it. He sees about 75% of super hero movies at the theater, but said he’d wait for this one to come out on DVD.

16 02 2018

It’s why I’m not keen on all this hypothetical jabberwocky from our sector about reading Alt-Right sociopolitical narratives from BP.

17 02 2018
Alex the Goon

“BP = Alt-R” is the new “Dems are the real racisses”. THIS TIME — if only they finally see WE are their true allies — we’ll have them niggers voting Republican for 200 years.

18 02 2018

Disney wants to broaden it’s Marvel marketing base, anything past that is gravy for them. There might be some issues with how they want to market toys to kids, but that’s speculation.

The “awards inflation” for Black movies is getting a bit out of control, however, #Metoo would have been interesting with Birth of a Nation*, and that weird one from last award season was laughable at best.

But, as I believe our host has previously mentioned, comic books, particularly the Marvel ones, have always had a political quotient, be it ethnic, orientation, environmental, or ideological. There was a reason Bryan Singer was the Director that finally made comic book movies profitable again, and while Disney can not and would not employ him, the legacy continues.

* The backstory of how the two rapists met sounds like a College Coach with a fixation on ethnic issues. Reminds me in part of the story with the Vanderbilt rape cover-up.

18 02 2018

Atypical of my generation, I’m not into comic books or their movies. So if anyone mentioned that, it was probably Paul Kersey.

18 02 2018

I have no intention of watching it, ever. But a certain someone whose judgment I usually trust did, and wasn’t much happy about it. If his analysis is right, then BP is clowning and on the sly making fun of black people, even as most of them are too dumb to figure it out. Which means we are still going to have to be on guard for violent retribution because Muh Wakanda.

18 02 2018

I’m surprised I haven’t gotten the retort I thought I would.

They must all be asleep.

21 02 2018

More nigger cheer-leading by our jeww overlords. Hope that no nigger decides to go Wakanda on me. He will be one leaking nigger.

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