There’s a Joke Hiding Somewhere In This

17 02 2018

Daytona Beach, Florida

This references Wendell Scott, the last black(-ish) man who started a NASCAR race, and in fact, has been the only one to win one.

I’m waiting for the punchline.


C’mon, I haven’t got all day.




5 responses

17 02 2018

Slightly OT, but Adam Carolla has been making documentaries for a couple of years (they’re pretty good) mostly about car racing and he always says he doesn’t get into Sundance, etc. because they have his name on them. So he went full SJ last time and did one on Willie T. Ribbs the first black driver in the Indy 500. He thought he for sure would make the cut with this topic, but again he was denied. He asked around about why and he was told because it had Bill Cosby (stock footage) in it as he was one of Willie’s sponsors. And since it showed Cosby in a good light and made no mention of his sexually deviancy then the SJW reviewers had no choice but to hate it.

17 02 2018
Alex the Goon

You forgot the best part about the doc. The driver wanted Carolla to name the film “Uppity Nigger” – his official unofficial nickname during his career.
Punchline? “Drive it like you stole it.”
“Are spinning rims NASCAR-legal?”
“Inflated to a higher PSI: his lips or his tires?”
“If he wins, does he get to drink grape drank instead of milk on the podium?” (probably the wrong race?) (no pun)

17 02 2018

I showed my 13 year old son the picture of Bubba Wallace. He immediately asked, “can he even say the n-word?”

17 02 2018

Jesus, these mulattoes are everywhere now. How many despicable mud-sharks do we have in this country? My question is how does this guy drive in NASCAR with a suspended license?

17 02 2018

“Black-ish”. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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