That Axiom Again

19 02 2018

Parkland, Florida

My 54th Axiom, yet again:

Whenever a mass group of young people do something, there is always an old person behind it.  If a mass of young men bearing arms take a hill, there is an old man with stars on his helmet behind it.  Likewise, when you see masses of young “anarchists,” there is an old man with tenure behind it.

Just keep that in mind when you see all these high school students “spontaneously” marching and agitating for gun grabbing.




4 responses

20 02 2018
Stan d Mute

The idea that we ought to heed the “wisdom” of a bunch of uneducated and unworldly children on a subject of such magnitude as our 2nd Amendment defies parody. It’s the same as the SJW war on our 1st Amendment.

And it’s why I strongly advocated Pres Obola vs McTreason … like an alcoholic or junkie, America must hit bottom before it can have the faintest hope of restoration. Only vestiges of our 1st and 2nd remain while our others have long been shredded. Finishing off the 1st will generate enormous rage and resentment with no outlet while trying to kill off the 2nd will generate some serious pushback by the only group that ultimately matters: those with firearms and the skills to use them. Large numbers of military and cops would just flatly refuse to play along and then whom, exactly, would be left to enforce the State’s will? Millennials who are terrified of guns? Trannys? Feminists?

20 02 2018
21 02 2018

Jews are behind it. These kids and their parents (when they are two-week old news) are going to be pissed at the Broward County Sheriff/School Superintendent/School Board/County Supervisors/et al, when they learn that the perp/shooter was ‘diverted’ away from the criminal justice system and toward ‘school discipline’ as were thousands of other Broward County students for the last eight years, and with the Obama Administration’s/DOJ congrats. And, it was all done to hide/reduce/distort the numbers of black and brown students who were subject to criminal arrests/suspensions/expulsions because holding the darkies to account was rayciss. An arrest most probably would have nullified this Cruz/brown person from getting his rifle. Can not wait for the jew shysters bringing their civil suits. Will be good entertainment.

22 02 2018
Stan d Mute

The most fanatic pro-gun people I know in Broward are Jews. I lived near Parkland for 5 years. Intelligent and non-Communist Jews are the first to demand guns because “never again”.

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