The Candy Man Can

19 02 2018

Downtown West

I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

I don’t have any objection as such, but what I do roll my eyes over is the inference that little (black) kids don’t like the cops because the cops have never given them candy.  No, the reason little black kids tend not to like cops is because cops have the bad habit of arresting their older brothers for committing violent crimes.  And even when the SLPD starts handing out candy to little black kids, that still won’t make them like the cops, precisely because the cops would at the same time still be in the business of arresting their older brothers for committing violent crimes.

If the SLPD would just get out of the business of arresting people, then little black kids will like them a lot better, candy or no.

This mentions the Polar Cops truck, of which Paul Kersey has made much sport.  Remember, the Polar Cops truck was rolled out mid-2016, and it somehow wasn’t able to prevent the last half of that year and then all of last current year from being the worst stretch for murders and other violent crimes in the city since the early ’90s “bad ole days.”  And, because the cops have to start handing out candy, it doesn’t seem to have improved the SLPD’s PR vis-a-vis little black kids.




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20 02 2018
David In TN

I liked Sammy Davis Jr.’s music.

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