21 02 2018

Washington, D.C.

Panic button, right?

Let Uncle Blogmeister talk you off the ledge.

I’m old enough (40) that I have a long enough memory, such that I can attest to the fact that I’ve read this story at least once a year since I got old enough (age 11) really to start digesting serious news. And I think it’s nothing more than chicken little groundhog day-ism. I am of the opinion that what is the case now has always been the case. The truth of the matter is that nowhere near a majority of military aged men will ever be in a military situation, even in an all-in all-out war.

And, from what I have come to understand about modern warfare, as long as their thumbs are working okay, we’ll be okay.

If my reasoning and understanding here is all wet, use the comment thread below to roast me.




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21 02 2018

Yeah, but someone has to haul the ammo crates up the hill where the vehicles can’t go. It ain’t easy. It still boils down to freezing, and/or sweating, your ass off, day after wearisome day, under heavy load at times.

21 02 2018
David In TN

The last year or so I’ve read several books on the Korean War (1950-53). They said the same thing about how unprepared Americans (who were in the army in 1950, much less civilian men) were for combat.

This was the theme of the most cited book on the Korean War, T.R. Fehrenbach’s “This Kind of War.”

This was evident in 1941 also. In 1950 it was thought infantry combat was a thing of the past. It was vaguely thought the A-Bomb was a deterrent to war.

In the first battles with the North Korean Army in 1950, the U.S. Japan occupation army was driven back in embarrassing disaray. The bazooka they had on hand bounced off the Soviet T-34 tanks the Reds had. BTW, these rockets bounced off German tanks in 1944-45. There was a bazooka with a bigger charge in development but “cuts in the defense budget” delayed entrance.

By March 1951, the U.S. Army was nearly back to the 1944-45 standard. In April 1951, Mao Tsetung ordered the Chinese army to drive the Americans off the Korean peninsula. Mao’s forces were slaughtered by the American War Machine. On set battles lines, American firepower could be brought to bear with devastating effect.

21 02 2018

It basically goes like this:

Circa 2018: “You know? If these damned kids these days don’t pull their heads from out of their smartphones, they’ll never amount to anything.”

Circa 1989: “You know? If these damned kids these days don’t stop playing Nintendo, they’ll never amount to anything.”

Circa 1955: “You know? If these damned kids these days don’t stop watching TV, they’ll never amount to anything.”

Circa 1941: “You know? If these damned kids these days don’t quit boogy woogying to Big Bands, they’ll never amount to anything.”

Circa 1927: “You know? If these damned kids these days don’t quit doing the Charleston, they’ll never amount to anything.”

Circa 2040: “You know? If these damned kids these days don’t disengage from their 3D AI bionic sensory implants, they’ll never amount to anything.”

21 02 2018
Stan d Mute

Yes, this has been their message forever. LBJ even sent retards to ‘Nam because..

But the reality since Desert Storm has been mostly corn-fed southern and midwestern boys in combat roles with negro REMFs. The demographic they want has zero interest in combat, preferring quartermaster (so they can steal), motor pool (so they can screw off), and kitchen (so they can eat chicken & watermelon). The “problem” they want to “solve” is twofold: (1) officers are promoted from combat and (2) in the event of some internal conflict requiring rescission of Posse Comitatus, they don’t want an all white force. Think gun grabbing.

21 02 2018
Stan d Mute

It’s all in the intro:

“Colin Powell said too many young people do not qualify for military service due in part to obesity and criminal records”

What demo best fits that description? White Millenials are soft assed snowflakes, but few have criminal record..

26 08 2018
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