And Again

22 02 2018


Since my return to functional coherence, I’ve paid a lot of attention to these kinds of stories, for the obvious reason.

It is really disturbing how often this happens, car hits person then fatal.  Seems to me it’s a once a week or once every two weeks thing around here locally, and I’d just guesstimate off the top of my damaged head that it’s a once a day thing nationally.

Complicating matters is that this happened in Ballwin, and within comfortable walking distance of where I used to live.  And I’m not writing “comfortable walking distance” as a pure abstraction — I actually used to walk (more like run) around that stretch fairly often, including crossing Manslaughter at lights.  I’m surprised I was never hit then and there.




One response

22 02 2018

I got hit in ’81 crossing a 4 lane close to downtown. Compound fractures to one leg, a blown out knee to the other, and a mild concussion. My car guy buddy still reminds me, “do you know the odds of being hit by a ’66 Valiant in 1981?”

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