Snooze Button to Paris

23 02 2018

Went to see it this afternoon, or rather, I was taken there.

I should not have been surprised that to stretch a movie about an actual event that only lasted a few minutes to more than an hour and a half, we had to get pretty much the life long back story of the three principals (who play themselves).  While I think that it was irrelevant fluff, but for it, this movie wouldn’t have been a movie at all, but just a clever YouTube clip re-enacting the events with the three actual heroes.

I’m also a bit disappointed that, during the depictions of the actual event, the Jihadist and Islamist nature of the motivation of the Mohammed al-Terroristiqua who did it was very much underplayed.

Save your money and wait for the DVD.




One response

24 02 2018
Alex the Goon

Sounds about right. First reviews weren’t very good, and I never believed it was due to shitlib bias. Movies trying to tell a true story often feel forced – trying to insert enough facts, but they’re always missing something, and you can feel it. The other Eastwood flick, with Brangelina Jolie trying to find her lost son in 1930s LA, was another one that didn’t click. The Sully Sullenberger film (Eastwood again) with Tom Hanks was also lacking.
Some stories are just better told with words, having the reader fill in the emotional blanks.
OTOH, another true story Only The Brave (release Oct 2017) was very well done. Maybe Eastwood should just stick to fiction.

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