The Tangled Web We Weave

23 02 2018

Miami; Fort Lauderdale

I can’t link to the source material, because it contains too many mentions of the Nutbar’s name, but I will say that you won’t find it if you wind up barking up the wrong treehouse, cough cough, gag gag.

Nevertheless, it turns out that the Miami-Dade and Broward County public school districts were in cahoots with the Obama Administration, the NAACP and various other race lobbies to eliminate the non-existent school-to-prison pipeline.  That’s why the Nutbar’s many warning signs were blown off, that’s why there’s a delay between reality and recording in their schools’ security camera systems (giving school officials enough time to cover up problems and hit delete), and, in summation, it’s why there are seventeen dead bodies.

It’s what Steve Sailer calls “The Late Obama Age Collapse.”

And now you know why everyone is screaming about the NRA.  Look squirrel.




9 responses

23 02 2018
Stan d Mute

This is old news. Remember St Trayvon? It’s why he was never prosecuted for burglary and perhaps why he was up north getting hisself killed.

I think it’s more interesting that the armed campus cop hid during the shooting. The delay on the video just allowed defective boy to get away as the cops were too dumb to realize it was on delay as they searched for him.

Anarcho-Tyranny at work. Much easier to harass law abiding citizens than confront a retard with an AR15 after all. Florida cops are laughably incompetent and corrupt. These are same agencies that couldn’t find recruits during the Cocaine Cowboys era because all candidates failed drug testing. They’re also insanely overpaid with yearly compensation of $150,000 not uncommon for regular patrol cops today.

23 02 2018

The armed cops from BSO hid, while gym teachers and freshman JROTC members died being human shields.

23 02 2018
Stan d Mute

And now Israel, the Sheriff, is providing 24/7 police protection for Peterson!

23 02 2018
Stan d Mute

Just when I thought this couldn’t possibly get worse, I see via your neighbor TGP a CNN report that THREE MORE BSO cops were outside the school hiding behind their cars while the shooting went on. Coral Springs cops were first to enter the building followed by a Sunrise cop and another BSO deputy.

Four BSO cops HID while kids were being murdered. And as you noted a gym teacher and a JROTC kid died protecting other kids.

(((Sheriff Israel))) and entire BSO needs to be pilloried. Then fired. Then forever blacklisted from ANY job. And they all should thank their YHWH that my kid wasn’t there and killed.

23 02 2018

24 02 2018
Alex the Goon

The four BSO cowards were just following the Prime Directive:
Get Home Safe Today.

24 02 2018

I’m guess it’s all incompetence and coincidence, but this thing is turning into a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream. Did you see that post over at Hearstie?

24 02 2018

Niggers, SJW’s, and jews in that tangled web. Every f*cking time! Only reason that this story continues is that jew children were among the dead. Can’t have that now can we?

27 02 2018

This subtext is starting to gain a lot of traction.

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