Walking Out of Their Brains

14 03 2018

Washington, D.C.

From today’s festivities:

What if a given person doesn’t want to pay taxes to fund reparations?  Who is going to be the debt collectors?  The demilitarized police?

This, ladies and gentlemen, and anyone else on the genderbread spectrum, is why we don’t set serious public policy around the disjointed utopian platitude slinging of underdeveloped adolescent brains.




2 responses

15 03 2018
Sebastian Hawks

Within a day of the Parkland incident I saw that communist agitators were using these useful idiot students to further an agenda. This isn’t about guns but an excuse for brainwashed punks to march against Trump.

15 03 2018

Will those niggers take their reparations in lead?

It's your dime, spill it. And also...NO TROLLS ALLOWED~!

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