Top G

15 03 2018

London;  Miami

BBC running a dramatization of the murder of Gianni Versace back in 1997.

When it actually happened, the media ran it into the ground.  One of the things media talking heads kept doing over and over was referring to the murderer, Andrew Cunanan, as “one of America’s top homosexuals.”

The first time I heard it, it sounded inane, and it came off as even more stupid with every subsequent repetition.

What was that even supposed to mean?  How were we supposed to discern the “top” homosexuals?  What were the criteria?  More importantly, did we even want to know what those criteria were, at the risk of finding them out making us ralph our previous meal?

I figured that it was just one of those meaningless phrases that the hive mind media latch onto and run into the ground, much like the larger story itself.

That, and per Mr. Cunanan’s Wikipedia page, the only superlatives I discern relating to him are his sociopathy and his serial killing abilities.  So he wasn’t really “top” anything that you really wanted to be, homosexual, Kek, or otherwise.




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