Me Time

19 03 2018

Your Blogmeister’s Secret Hideout

Like I wrote here at the end of last month, if I made it to the middle of this month without experiencing any unconsciousness events, then I will have reached six months since the last time I had any such event without having another.  That’s a medically significant milestone, the most practical consequence for me and everyone surrounding me is that I no longer need to have anyone in my presence at all times, meaning I can be left alone for long stretches.  Even though I can’t truly live alone, and who knows if I’ll ever really be able to do that.

My rehab doctors officially cleared me in that stead today.

My present for reaching this milestone was being brought back to the secret hideout and being left alone for awhile, which I still am now, while everyone else who lives here makes themselves scarce to run errands and take care of business and have fun and this that and the third.

This is the first real extended normal waking hours total peace and quiet and solace I’ve had since my mid-November return to functional coherence.




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19 03 2018
Life Takes a Bite Out of Your Blogmeister (Pinned Post, Newer Content Follows Below) | Countenance Blog

[…] Me Time — Six months after my last unconsciousness event, I’ve been cleared for that. […]

19 03 2018


19 03 2018

Great news man.

19 03 2018

The accident itself was eight months ago this evening, and it took me all that time just to get to this point. Which goes to prove what I already knew, the wheels of this recovery grind S-L-O-W.

19 03 2018
Stan d Mute

Given the alternative outcomes, be happy with S-L-O-W.

20 03 2018

good news :)

20 03 2018
David In TN

From my own experience, getting better is something that continues even if at a relatively slow pace.

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