A Real Wreck at an Intersectionality

8 04 2018

Westport, California

At the intersectionality of BLM, SJW, lesbian, fashion accessories, and virtue signaling.

Now you know why the national media haven’t made a BFD of it.



3 responses

9 04 2018
John Vawter

It’s not hard to imagine the thought processes at work: lesbian couple are true believers in egalitarianism, and want to show the world how to “do things right”. Love and understanding will conquer nature! They adopt six minority kids, probably from long-term foster care. But foster-care-kid issues multiplied by minority low-IQ means only corporal punishment is going to work, or be understood; to be blunt, animal mothers don’t reason with their offspring, and people of all types don’t keep their toddlers from playing in the street by reasoning with them. Reason only works at a certain mental level, and that’s a level that many non-whites never attain.

So they feel that this is abuse, and it compounds their white guilt: they feel horrible to resort to yelling, maybe hitting, maybe deprivation, and subconsciously view themselves as failures. This guilt gnaws at them, and works in tandem with blaming a “horrible broken system”, because hey we’re all created equal and there *couldn’t possibly be* any biological reason why things aren’t working. Next stop, CPS is called, they go all Thelma & Louise and the kids die because they’re along for the ride. And their epitaph is “They were just too pure to live in this rotten world that was slowly breaking them and turning them into monsters.”

Egalitarianism as a cult.

9 04 2018
Hard Right

“real wreck”

29 04 2018

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