Court Is Adjourned

17 04 2018

Asheville, North Carolina

Harry Anderson, RIP.

For a soft comedy show, the theme music really did have a happening bass line.

I most identified with the Dan Fielding character, the city attorney, played by John Larroquette.  After NC, his next show would be his eponymously titled show, one the very few shows set in St. Louis.




One response

18 04 2018

Odd with this last set of 3 celebs to die, I usually do the “meh” with celebrity deaths like Prince, etc. but I actually watched/listened to all 3 of these at one time or another. Bell, Ermey, Anderson what are the odds that the 3 in a row would all be someone I paid attention to at one point. I remember this story of Anderson abandoning New Orleans after the reelection of the nitwit Nagin and being randomly assaulted twice, fleeing the black run city.

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