Replication Crisis Goes Mainstream

10 05 2018


Here’s what’s really going on here.

For almost all of the entirety of human civilization after the agricultural revolution, the highly intelligent have made it their business to teach the rich and powerful, who become rich and powerful for whatever reason, how to use their wealth and power.

The root cause of the replication crisis is that modern day academics are pumping out junk and near junk social science and pseudo hard science studies to pander to the modern day rich and powerful and their “sensibilities.”  There will be one study, highly touted, of course, which buttresses the narrative, but nobody will be able to follow it up with results which replicate the results of the first.

The problem with worrying about the replication crisis is that the fact that the impossibility of replicating the original narrative-friendly research doesn’t stop it from being touted and believed.  Here’s an example, cited in this article:  The “stereotype threat.”  What that is, in case you’ve been under Antarctica for a few decades, is the idea that black students don’t do as well on test as white (or other) students because they’ve been told that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites/others, therefore, they just give up and don’t even try.  The obvious inference is that stereotype threat is supposed to be the justification for censoring academic and intellectual discussion of HBD, in that there is supposedly no real problem that isn’t caused by heretics even talking about the “mythical” problem in the first place.

The first time I read about stereotype threat, I instantly reasoned that it was all boo sheet from the get-go, because, where are black students officially getting the notion that they’re cognitively inferior? Are we to think that the Klan runs several major media networks and half the Ivy League? In reality, innate racial egalitarianism, and ipso facto, racism and discrimination as the root cause of practical racial differences, has been the party line since at least as long as I’ve been coherent, and more likely, at least since the end of WWII, and probably a little longer than that.

Back to the point, other than the original “research,” and I’ll get to that in a moment, nobody has been able to prove that stereotype threat even exists.  And when the original “research” was reconsidered, it was found that it really wasn’t research.  All it was was one black studies professor at Stanford or Berkeley popping off some pie in the sky theory that came into his head, asking some of his students about it, and his students, astutely interpreting what was going on, told the professor what they figured he wanted to hear, instead of honest answers.

In spite of all that, Official Amurrika still carries on like stereotype threat is a thing.

Because when lies seem to justify the narrative, nobody cares about the truth.



2 responses

10 05 2018

Speaking of late breaking news in the replication crisis, turns out the “word gap” was total boo sheet. The notion that there ever was a word gap was political skid greasing for forcibly taking black children away from their parents and handing them off to white do gooder pandering SWPLs to raise them.

21 11 2020
Falsifiability–required by science, abhorred by PC - “Forbidden to mention embarrassing facts about minorities”

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