Strike While the Iron Is Hot

15 05 2018

Jefferson City

My mind is mashing up this story and the news from yesterday about sports gambling.

I now think that this only makes the matter of tossing Eric Greitens out of the Mansion bag and baggage even more imperative.  Add to that, if Mike Parson gets to appoint the next Lieutenant Governor when he becomes Governor, he’ll have one name in mind:  Josh Hawley.

Because both Greitens, as chief executive of state government, and Hawley, as chief prosecutor for state government, have openly promised to drain the Jefferson City swamp.  But who wants that, when casinos and big time sports leagues are about to make it rain on most state capitals?  All that money would pay for a lot of parties.  Way bigger and better than when I was in that line of work.

Which means all that needs to be done is to get Greitens out of town and Hawley in a job where he can’t prosecute anyone, and Parson would probably appoint a party establishmentarian similar to himself as AG, and nobody in that town will need to worry about any ole big bad monsters and their felony corruption indictments.




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