Still Below Par

16 05 2018


Lyda’s infographic:


Notice the salary bump brings the SLPD “closer” to the pay scales of surrounding agencies. Not equal to them, and certainly not more than them.

As a certain someone you all know predicted.




One response

16 05 2018

Somewhat on topic: that Florida deputy who didn’t go into the school is catching flak for drawing a pension with the usual internet commandos screeching that his pension should be stripped because he was a coward. But the real story is that he is drawing more than 8,000 dollars a month, more than 96,000 a year. His salary for his last year was a little under 102,000. He’s drawing 94% of his last year’s salary at 55. No wonder cities and states are going bankrupt. All driven by that everything for our boys in blue and our brave firemen bullshit.

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