The Machiavellians, Part II

22 05 2018

Washington, D.C.

The Hill:

WH aides intentionally compose Trump tweets with grammatical mistakes: report

White House staffers who sometimes compose President Trump’s tweets intentionally include grammatical errors to mirror the president’s style, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

The Globe, citing two people familiar with the process, reported that staffers will use hallmarks of Trump’s own manner of tweeting, such as unnecessarily capitalized words and fragmented sentences.

May I suggest there’s another reason why both Trump himself and his staff are deliberately planting grammatical errors in his Tweets?

Me, July 10, 2009:

Politico notes that spelling errors are a frequent feature of official Obama Administration documents.

My advice to Politico, or to anyone who wants to make a big deal out of this, is to chill out.

I think the Administration has a deliberate policy of making spelling errors in its documents, web pages, press released, and other things. The reason is that they know that there are legions of Obama critics that are elitist know-it-alls, (even if they call themselves “conservative,”) that will make a big deal of a spelling error. The white working class, (a swing demographic, BTW), will react by sympathizing with the President.

It is not beyond this White House to be so Machiavellian. The reason I know this is that this is something I would do if I were running for public office, or actually held public office. (More so the former.) I would deliberately and purposefully order frequent and noticeable (but not ubiquitous and egregious) spelling errors on my campaign websites, press releases and documents. That way, I would get liberal elitist know-it-all to pick on me, which would in turn garner me the sympathy of the white working class.

That was the kind of person I was when I was in elementary school. Now I know why everyone hated me so much, because I now hate that kind of person so much.




One response

22 05 2018
Nicholas Stix

OT: I saw the 1999 interview with my old, grad school logic teacher, Michael Levin today, with your comments.

Disappointed! (In Levin, not in you.)

I stopped voting and commenting at AR, after Jared shadow-banned me the last time I commented, circa September 2016. I had argued that some blasck group was almost certainly non-existent, and just another creation of the guy behind “National Black Foot Soldiers,” etc.

He lifted the shadow ban after one month, to make it seem as though everyone had ignored me. (Except for one guy who’s a DISQUS follower of mine, and who upvoted me there.)

Every time I’d previously commented at AMREN, I always got a number of upvotes and responses. Some of the people there said they respect me more than they do the owner, because of our respective responses to Dylann Roof and Michael Slager.

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