June Swoon

26 05 2018

Your Blogmeister will be on vacation during almost all of the month of June and the first half of July.  Everyone’s favorite dog, and the best friend of the blog, will write guest posts from time to time, but being as he’s really busy these days doing detective-y things, don’t expect too many of those.

This vacation is a belated birthday present, and, in spite of my decidedly less than optimal physical and mental condition, is an opportunity I really need to take, because it may well be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Yes, it involves international travel, and without getting specific, which I will when I return, I’m going to look up some very distant cousins, so to speak, trying to trigger that politically incorrect concept called racial memory, and discovering my roots.  Or at least some of them, anyway.

And if the long term weather forecast for where I’m going winds up being accurate, I’ll get to enjoy some delightfully mild June and early July weather, to boot.

I won’t be using the internet that much during this vacation.  First off, I won’t want to, because I’m hoping to be too busy doing vacation-y things.  Second, I can’t afford the international roaming on my sail foam, even though I’ll be able to use it, and my tablet, and my laptop, on hotel and hostel and establishments’ WiFi, even though I anticipate that to be slow.  Mostly what I’ll be doing with Ye Olde Internets during this vacation is checking e-mail and my important news sites for any big breaking news.  But that’s it.




8 responses

26 05 2018
Alright Dan

Bon Voyage!

27 05 2018

When he says I won’t be able to write many guest posts here, he’s right about that. But I still expect all of you to give me doggy treats.

27 05 2018
David In TN

Speaking of the 1950-53 Korean War, if the Vietnam War had ended with a “Korean Solution,” it would have been hailed as a victory.

27 05 2018
Hard Right

Could you leave an open thread for us?

27 05 2018

I could do that

28 05 2018
Hard Right


22 06 2018
30 06 2018
Joshua Sinistar

Have a great vaca holiday. Saty away from blue areas as we are about to have a Zombie Apocalypse. I wrote some amusing stuff. Have a look.

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