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9 06 2018

Guest post by Puggg

They call him Norman, but he doesn’t look anything like me.  I dare him to do my job.

RIP, Catholicism.

Never get in between half brothers (bruthaz?) and a honey bun, if you cherish your life.

Red Schoendienst was born and raised in Germantown, Illinois.  German, think about it.  I am 45, so I was born after his great success as a manager, but I remember when Whitey Herzog was the manager in the 80’s.   He would get into arguments with umps very often and get thrown out of games very often, and Red would then have to fill in as manager.

This doesn’t really interest me, but I know it’s big news from a field that interests our blogmeister, so I’m hoping during his brief hotspot time, he’ll read it and write here what he thinks.

The news keeps blabbing on about the celebrity suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.  I would be upset, but I don’t know who either one of these people are.

Now, it’s all yours.  Take it away.




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9 06 2018
David In TN

I well remember Red Schoendienst as manager of the Cardinals. I first heard of him when I was eight years old when he played for the Milwaukee Braves against the Yankees in the 1958 World Series. This was the first Series I followed.

We made a trip to St. Louis to see a Cardinals-Dodgers game in 1965, which I’ve mentioned previously. It was the Cardinals last year in Sportsman’s Park (it was officially Busch Stadium) and Red Schoendienst’s first year as Cardinal manager.

As manager of the 1967-68 Cardinal teams, it was said Red had won when he was supposed to win. He had the players and let them do their jobs. .

9 06 2018
Alright Dan

Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain. Seem like people who are real important to the media, but not important to most people.

9 06 2018
David In TN

At this time, the Kennedys fit that description.

9 06 2018

Good morning from Hamburg.

Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in the Alsatian town of Kaysersberg. Eerily, the Alsace is on our itinerary, though only in terms of Strasbourg.

As far as that Mars story, a lot of bodies and things in and floating around the Solar System have the CHON building blocks of life. It’s quite the leap from that to life itself. Even though by now I bet the midnight radio shows back home have already gone to town with trying to stretch it into something it’s not.

16 06 2018
Alex the Goon

Wish i had seen this last week. I would’ve dared you to get drunk in a bierhall, get up on a table and deliver a speech in your best JFK voice, concluding with “Ish bin ein Hamburger!” Same thing in Frankfurt, if it’s on your itinerary.

17 06 2018

Frankfurt is Germany’s big international airline hub airport and city, so that’s where we flew in and where we’ll fly out.

Today is turning out to be a real red letter day not only on this voyage, but in my life. Later on tonight before I go to bed, I’m going to break my own blogging embargo and write a post about it.

10 06 2018
Hard Right

I’d like to know which “creepy subreddit” they used to train Norman.

Nice to know that NASA is actually doing something in space.

I had no idea who those two suicides were, either.

10 06 2018
Alright Dan

11 06 2018

Bourdain was a hedonist bugman whose main job was to tell Boomers that their gluttony wasn’t a sin; Spade was a fashion designer originally from Kansas City (St. Theresa’s product), whose scarf apparently was sufficiently structurally strong to support her weight.

12 06 2018

Got a gentle but stark reminder today that this voyage we’re on would have been all but totally impossible as late as 29 years ago today. That reminder is just a little bit east of Helmstedt.

We march triumphantly into Berlin tomorrow, where I’m sure Merkel will be waiting at the Brandenburg Gate to surrender to me. Or, maybe not.

13 06 2018

We marched triumphantly into Berlin this morning. We were expecting Angela Merkel to meet me at the Brandenburg Gate, to surrender control of the country to me. Strangely, though, she wasn’t there. She must have gotten tied up at some previous engagement.

Among the several things we’ve done so far today, (just after 2 PM CEDT as I write this), I “stood” (or, more accurately, sat in my wheelchair), in the spot where Reagan delivered “Tear Down This Wall” — And also in the spot where JFK delivered “Ich Bin Ein Berliner.” There is a misconception that both speeches happened in the same spot, just over the west side of the former Berlin Wall in sight of the Brandenburg Gate. That’s where Reagan’s happened, but JFK delivered his at the building that once housed the West Berlin city-state parliament, the Rathaus Schöneberg, which is maybe about two miles away from the B/G, just go west along the major boulevard that used to travel under the B/G, and when you hit the first roundabout, go south along Martin Luther Street a little more than a mile, and you’re there, dood.

Something occurred to me. JFK was only five years older than I am now when he delivered “Ich Bin Ein Berliner.”

That I went south along a street named after Martin Luther in Berlin (for how much longer, who knows, now that Martin Luther is being Robert E. Lee-ized, for his less than narrative-correct late life opinions about parentheticals), foreshadows where we’re headed next after we leave the general area of Berlin.

14 06 2018

Okay people, I’ve got some good news which I won’t be able to tell you about for a few days:

The itinerary is lining up beautifully. If all goes well, Sunday is going to be a red letter day in my life. And Saturday is going to be just about as good.

If things go as well as I think they will, late Sunday night, my time, corresponding with mid-afternoon Sunday back home, I’ll break my own embargo and write a post here. I’ll be able to tell you about the Sunday experience, but not so much about the Saturday experience.

14 06 2018

BIG YUGE NEWS HERE IN GERMANY: NJ’s Governor placed the first legal sports bet in NJ and waged $20 on Germany winning the World Cup.

14 06 2018

You may be wondering how the German media are treating the Trump-Korea diplomatic proceedings.

The German media hate Trump so much that they make CNN look like The Daily Caller. If Trump personally came up with a complete cure for HIV/AIDS, the German media would encourage everyone to go out there and contract HIV, and refuse the cure.


Unlike what I see of the American media, who are in total brain freeze mode, trying to contrive stupid excuses and theories and making asses of themselves to explain away someone they hate doing something they would otherwise praise, the German media are rooting for Trump to succeed. In not so many German words, but in a round about way.


There was once another country that was split into two and divided with an almost impenetrable border for decades, based off of ideological warfare between the American and Soviet Empires.

You can understand why even anti-Trump elitist media Germans have this Korean issue as a real soft spot in their hearts.

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