Verhandlungsgeschick, Part II

20 06 2018

Washington, D.C.

I’ve been watching the theatrics of this manufactured ZOMG SEPARATING PARENTS FROM CHILDREN LOL~!!!!!1 non-troversy from afar, even if I can’t pay close attention to all the details. But I have had this fear for the past few days, confirmed by this article, that the Democrats, the left and the media, are doing to Trump what Trump is often said to do, that is, play a game of political 3D chess. And, uncharacteristically for Trump, he’s walking right into the dog pile, and his allies are pushing him along faster than he’s walking into it by himself.

The first bonehead move: Trump’s defenders keep saying that Obama did way many more of these parent-child separations. Keep saying that often enough, and people are going to walk away thinking that Obama was way more serious about immigration control and enforcement than Trump, or rather, Trump is way weaker than he claimed he would be. If you’re in the business of making the best mousetrap, you should never promulgate the notion that a competitor’s mousetrap is better.

The second bonehead move: This article. Which I think most people will interpret as political backsliding. In this case, it would be backsliding that would have an actual documented paper trail. His staunch supporters will have this interpretation way more than anyone else. And that I think is the intended goal.

Long and short: Media-Democrats-left baited and tricked Trump into appearing to run away from his own signature issue to drive a wedge between Trump and his own base.

This, combined with the German car tariff defeat, means that Our Master Negotiator-In-Chief is having a really bad first half of this week.




10 responses

20 06 2018
Stan d Mute

I know I’m now thoroughly disgusted by Ttamp’s cuckery. Pathetic.

Kids get separated from parents and wail every day at millions of pre-schools across America. Kids have wailed for decades when their mothers abandon them for adoption by strangers. Kids wail when mommy goes to jail for prostitution or selling heroin.

Wah! So effing what? Kids also wail when told to go to bed or “no ice cream.”

Trump is a giant pussy. He’s no more serious on immigration than Bushies uno y dos, Clintoon, or Obola.

21 06 2018
Sebastian Hawks

The media is showing itself to basically saying you can’t even stop illegal aliens from crossing the border. They want these lowlifes showing up in your community to steal your job and put their wife and kids on the dole at your expense. Wonder how many idiot voters are going to be able to figure this out. Wish Trump could bring back John Adams Alien and Sedition act to toss the media in Guantanamo. Or have some McCarthy type hearings into this orchestrated subversion in the media, academia, and the judiciary. Basically these scumbags are saying what is yours isn’t really yours and every lowlife peasant amongst the teeming 3rd world billions has a right to come here and steal it.

21 06 2018
Alright Dan

“So, let’s get this straight. President Trump decided to prosecute all immigrants who cross the border illegally. The U.S. government would not prosecute children, so they were held separately from their parents. Democrats complain that families are being separated. Now, Trump reversed course, saying that children will be detained with their parents. So Democrats … complain that families will be kept together.”

You think the other side tricked Trump, but maybe Trump gave it back to the other side more.

21 06 2018
Hard Right

Stupid Party should’ve been running this on tv all week.


22 06 2018
Hard Right

Womp Womp

According to a new Rasmussen poll, a majority of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents for the child crisis on the border over the U.S. government.

21 06 2018
22 06 2018
Hard Right

You don’t say?

The normalisation of ‘plus-size’ clothing and overweight models could be fuelling the obesity epidemic because it leads people to underestimate their own weight, a new study has shown.

23 06 2018

The doom porn is thick around here. “Trump is a cuck” blah blah. The point of the crackdown is not to separate families. It is to detain all illegal crossers. That is still being done. The cuckery will show up if they start releasing detained children in twenty days. I know, Flores and all that, but they must find a workaround or go back to separating.

24 06 2018

Trump seems to be winning the politics, the optics and the substance of the matter, as time goes on. I think in spite of himself, in this case. I suppose most people missed what I did not, that which led me to my initial trepidation.

26 06 2018
Sebastian Hawks

It’s amazing what the media says, now it has nothing to do with “dreamers” who grew up here, instead they showed their true hand. You can’t even deport a wetback caught swimming the Rio Grande. Same with black crime and the Pittsburg case, now cops can’t even stop a gangbanger perp running away from them after committing a drive by shooting!

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